World's Most Remarkably Popular Drinks Made From Ginger
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World's Most Remarkably Popular Drinks Made From Ginger

Like garlic and onions, ginger is also one of the most widely consumed spices in the world. It is consumed as a delicacy, spice and medicine. Here are some of the most notable foods and drinks made from Ginger.

Like garlic and onions, ginger is also one of the most widely consumed spices in the world. It is consumed as a delicacy, spice and medicine. Cultivation of ginger started in South Asia and from there, it spread to other parts of the world. The cultivation of this plant is simple and easy. It is also called Ginger Root.

Here are some of the most notable foods and drinks made from Ginger.

Ginger Wine

Another popular drink made from ginger is the Ginger Wine. This is a fortified wine produced from a fermented blend of ground ginger and raisins. This drink originated in England, UK. This drink can be taken plain or with ice.

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It can be mix with other drinks as well such as whisky, lemonade, bitter lemon and ginger ale.

Ginger Ale

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Ginger Ale is a popular drink made of ginger. It is a carbonated soft drink that is flavored with ginger and believed to have originated in the United States where it was extremely popular in the country from the 1860s to the 1930s.

Ingredients of Ginger Ale include sugar, carbonated water and ginger. It is also use to treat indigestion, cough, sore throat and motion sickness.

Ginger Beer

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Well, if there’s a wine and a soft drink made from ginger, there is also a beer made of ginger. Ginger Beer, like Ginger Ale is a carbonated drink that is flavored primarily with ginger. Ingredients of beer include carbonated water, sugar, ginger and other sweeteners. It can be mix with other drinks such as beer, rum. Ginger Beer is the main ingredient of a cocktail known as Moscow Mule.

Domaine de Canton

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Domaine de Canton is a popular drink made from ginger that originated in New York in the United States. This ginger-flavored liqueur is 28% alcohol (56 proof). Other ingredients of Domain de Canton are vanilla, orange blossom honey, neutral spirit, Grand Champagne and VSOP cognac.

Ginger Tea

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Ginger Tea is a beverage which is popular in many countries. It is made from ginger root. Preparation is done by boiling peeled and sliced ginger and added with brown sugar, sliced orange or lemon fruit.  


In the Philippines, ginger tea is called Salabat. This hot ginger tea which is made by boiling crushed and sliced ginger in water with brown sugar. It is sometimes flavored with camote, sago, or carabao’s milk. It is popular during cold season

Saenggang Cha

Ginger tea in Korea is called Saenggang Cha. The drink is prepared by boiling the ginger or by mixing hot water and preserved sweetened ginger.


In Japan, the ginger tea is called Shogayu.

Benefits from Ginger Tea

Ginger Tea is is good in preventing cold and other illnesses such as motion sickness, nausea, diarrhea, stomach ache, sore throat, an aid to digestion and an aid to blood circulation.

Ginger Milk Curd

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Among the most popular drink/food made from ginger is the Ginger Milk Curd. Ingredients include ginger, sugar and milk. This famous drink originated in China. Preparation is simple and easy; squeeze the juice from a piece of ginger, then filter the juice finely and put into a bowl; dissolve the sugar in the milk then heat the mixture and pour into the bowl of ginger juice. It is also known as Ginger-juice Milk Curd, simply Ginger Milk and Ginger Milk Pudding.

Tangawisi Juice

Tangawisi Juice is a unique drink that originated in Congo, Africa. It is an original medicinal drink to soothe discomfort caused by hemorrhoid and dysentery. Preparation is done by crushing ginger and mixing it with mango-tree sap and sugar optional). It is believed that Tangawisi Juice is a good aphrodisiac.

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I remember ginger ale and of course our very own salabat.

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