The World's Most Common Names.
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The World's Most Common Names.

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It's hard to define the most common name of any one thing in the world owing to the many different linguistic, religious and cultural differences around the world.

However I was able to gather a few common names for a short listology of the world's most common names from ten different genres.


According to the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, the most common placename in the world is San Jose, the Spanish form of Saint Joseph, which has been attributed to over five thousand places across the world.

This is closely followed by the name Victoria, so named after the former Queen of England during the 1800's.


With China having the world's largest population, stands to reason that a Chinese surname would be the most common in the world.

The name in question is Li, with nearly two million people in China having this surname.

That number can be doubled when linked to the other Romanised variants of the same sounding name across the world such as Lee, Lea, Lei, Ley and Leigh.

This name is followed closely by the Western surname Smith, which means one who works with iron. This name has literally hundreds of variants from different Roman, Germanic and Slavic languages, making it the most common name in the world by origin. Various examples are - Smythe Scmidt, Smid, Smeet, Smit, Faber, Ferrari, Ferrer, Lefevre, McGowan, Kovac and Demirci.


The most common name in the world for a man is Mohammed.

This predominantly Islamic name which comes from the religion's Prophet Mohammed,  means that every Muslim family has at least one male member with this name or one of it's many derivitives such as Muhammed, Mohammet, Mehmet Ahmet or Ahmed. 

The world's historically most common name for a man would seem to be John or one of it's many variations such as Ian, Eoin, Ewan, Euan, Jack, Jan, Jean, Juan, Giovanni or Johann

Unfortunately, owing to women's names being chosen much more frequently due to fashionable trends and styles, I was unable to find the worlds most common woman's name, although the name Mary / Marie / Maria came out as the best contender in the world's major Christian countries, Ayesha was the most common Islamic female name and Jan / Janna seemed to top the poll for girls names on the Indian Sub Continent..   


Various pet orientated websites have come up with the name Max as the world's most common name for a dog. This is down to the fact that the name Max is one of the few names that does not rhyme with any other name or command, making it a suitably unconfusing name for a pet.


According to the same websites the most common name for a cat, and this is a far more popular name than the dog's most common name due to the many linguistic variants, is Tiger, which I think needs no explanation as to why.


The most common topographical names are tautologists, two words meaning the same from two different languages. 

Therefore the most common name for a river is River River, the most common name for a mountain is Mount Mount and the most common name for a lake is Lake Lake.

This trend is predominant all over the world with many of these words coming from both the various country's official modern language and a variant of a former ancient language.

For example the River Avon, which comes from the modern English word for river and the ancient Celtic language for the word river.


The most common name attributed to a church in the western world is St John, attributed to over three thousand churches in the U.S and about the same number in Europe.

This name is prevelant simply because there have been more Saint Johns in religious history than any other saint.


The most common name for a monetary unit is the Cent. As a denomination of the Dollar and the Euro currencies, the cent is used in thirty six Dollar currency countries and seventeen Euro currency countries across the world, as well as being the denomination of several other minor world currencies.

Therefore more countries have the cent as part of their official unit of currency than any other monetary unit.


According to High Beam Research, trying to verify the world's most common street name was rather problematic due to language differencies, however they were able to assertain that the most common street name in the U.S.A. was Second Street and the most common name in the British isles was High Street, followed closely by Church Street.


According to the Catholic Church the most common saint's name to be attributed to a civic building other than that of a church is Saint Peter, who is the holder of the keys of heaven in many of the world's religions.


All over the world there are certain words that mean the same in every language, or are so common place every one in the world knows their meaning.

Although there may well be different spellings and even pronounciations around the globe, here are the ten most common universal words in the world. Notice that seven out of the ten all have twentieth century origins.

Auto - meaning vehicle or car.










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A very interesting--and revealing--topic.

Very well done!

Well and extensive research in an interesting subject..Thanks DeeBee for posting

Very interesting indeed. Maria is a common name in the Christian countries (probably one reason I seldom use it lol) FB liked :)

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Prolific article Dee, thank you.

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Wow! This was really interesting. I lived in San Jose, CA.. Haha. Had no clue it was such a common place name. Great job on this one. Voted up!

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Max and Tiger... those tickled me! Great article.