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Last answer by Aunty Ann 56 months ago +0 votes:
This depends on whether you and your husband work, whether you have a spare room in the house, the facilities you have available to care for your elderly parent and your levels of patience and tolerance! In an ideal world it would be nice to have our parents close by so we can care for them when they reach old age, but in this day and age, if both parties work, this is not always possible and can... more
Last answer by Heather ann Witt 58 months ago +0 votes:
One of the people who followed round wtih Jesus. HOw ammzing ot hear him reach and see the miracles. more
Last answer by Teresa Conti 58 months ago +0 votes:
Truly, most do not earn too much and often have to work second and third jobs to make ends meet.  Mostly, they are looking for the one big score to set them up as a famous celebrity photographer.  Most never get it. more
Last answer by Teresa Conti 58 months ago +0 votes:
Unless you have some paperwork tying it to the show, about the same value as an  opener not used on the show.  If you can come up with a picture tying a similar one to the show, you might have a better chance.  Perhaps if you look up the set dressers for the show you can find out more.  There are some websites that sell and value stuff from old television shows on the web. ... more
Last answer by Heather ann Witt 59 months ago +0 votes:
Why  earth would you want to do that. You live in a wonderful contry. America is one of the last places I would want to go and live in. i spent twelve hours in New York a couple of weeks ago that was quite enough. more
How can a female complete the 40days cycle of chanting hanuman chalisa or any mantra continuously because in between comes the interruption of her periods . more
Last answer by Rhonda Cundiff 62 months ago +0 votes:
Why are they dancing so strangely today?  Have you seen some of the latest music videos?  I think the problem is, there is no way to properly define strange anymore. more
Last answer by Amanda Wilkins 64 months ago +0 votes:
Teresa I live in the UK and when my Mum died she didn't leave a lot so I decided to go round the world on the Oriana. We sailed into San Francisco and I thought it was wonderful.As we sailed in I could hear the sea lions on the pier but never expected such a site.I have a photo of them hanging on my wall.I loved Fisherman's Wharf with the carousel - I could be a child again.I also a dvd made of m... more
Last answer by valli sarvani 64 months ago +0 votes:
I would recommend you to stay in first class and renowned hotels for proper services. Kerala is a beautiful and safe place. I don’t think India is much hotter than South Africa. However it is better to have good quality sunscreens to avoid skin burns in this hot sunny season. You will find Kerala cuisine delicious. You should bring essential medicine (for headaches, cough and cold, pains, al... more
Last answer by Peter Curtis 64 months ago +0 votes:
Time out for children does work from personal experience. believe it is kinder than physical punishment that is shunned on in these modern times. They will accept gthis form more readily and see the separation for what it is. They need to be remorseful for their actions as well. I found that it worked quite well with our young daughter at the time. more
Last answer by Rebecca McKinney 66 months ago +1 votes:
The article was prompted by the fact that a few years back I was writing a vampire book (Internal Anomaly) under a pen name and wanted to create a vampire that was scientifically possible.  I did countless hours of research to create this vampire. Because my background is science I kinda had some ideas where to start, but most of the facts were snippets from journal articles or my hypothesis/... more
Last answer by Joe Johnson 66 months ago +0 votes:
Well if a person is scared that the world will end, just ask them what they are going to do about it. The Mayan Calendar was meant to recycle, it's like a millennium in our time passing. The alignment of bodies in our solar system isn't that significant. The patterns on December 21st aren't a once in a lifetime occurrence. National Geographic and NASA have released documentaries that offer in dept... more
Last answer by Sheila Hrabal 88 months ago +2 votes:
The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, passed because of inept medical attention while attempting to sleep and manage pain. The King of Rock & Roll, Elvis, just couldn't deal with his life as it was anymore and when he tried to dull the anxiety with a self-administered cocktail of drugs, his life ended. Marilyn Monroe was deeply troubled and the jury is still out as to whether she overdosed on purp... more
Last answer by V. V. 96 months ago +0 votes:
 There was also Elizabeth Bathory- she killed like, 300 (?) virgin girls and bathed in their blood in order to stay eternally young. Not quite a vampire, but still... :D more
Last answer by Leslie Patten 100 months ago +0 votes:
Trying to find the end , but you never can. more
If you could go on a photo op with anyone in the world, what photographer would it be and why? What would you hope to learn from the experience? more
Just wanted to say I checked out some of your articles and am very impressed by both your resourcefulness and quote quoting...I wish they made more women like you, as far as the ability to write intelligently and not be afraid to get dirty-its a rare trait, thank yourself : ) more
Last answer by Sy Kravitz 103 months ago +1 votes:
Dear Eric. There are several possibilities, but the one that comes to my mind immediately is the basement area, not the music. I believe that your description of how intensely involved you were in your 2-hour practice might have taken you to a heightened awareness state - as if you had been in some kind of deep meditation. That heightened awareness might have made you more keenly aware/sensitive t... more
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