Monkey Man Mystery - My Experience in Delhi
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Monkey Man Mystery - My Experience in Delhi

The rumours and theories associated with the monkeyman mystery.This is one of incidents which made headlines over 10 years back in 2001 in the Indian capital city of Delhi especially in the eastern part of the city.It still remains one of the many unsolved mysteries in India.Other examples are Stoneman serial killings in the 80s,Bangalore Naleba ghost in 90s etc.

Many strange incidents/mysteries happen on a regular basis across different parts of the world.Many of you might have heard about the mysterious Monkey man haunting the Indian capital of Delhi during May 2001.I would like to share my experience on this incident which happened during my last weeks in Delhi.Though the monkeyman's existence has never been really proven,I would like to share some of the rumours/theories that were in the news about this mysterious creature.

   My father is in the banking sector and so he has a transferrable job.Hence usually every 3 years, we move from one city to another. As I was saying, during our last month in Delhi after which we moved to South India, the Monkeyman news and mystery was running hot and almost every one in Delhi was talking about it.We first heard about this creature after returning from Vaishno-Devi temple piligrimage.It was around 11 PM after we reached the New Delhi railway station and took an auto to our place near Anand Vihar in East Delhi(We stayed in Ghaziabad, just outside Delhi border).The auto driver seemed reluctant to go there (as it i monkeyman affected area) and he told about the monkeyman terrorizing the city.At first we couldnt understand, as he was referring to it as Bandar (which literally in Hindi means just monkey).We found it hardly surprising, since monkeys invading our colony is fairly common during summer.But when he said some of the things below about the creature, we too were somewhat spooked

  1.    The creature is around 5-6 feet high.
  2.    It has very sharp iron-like nails and big red eyes.
  3.    It is also very powerful, it has lifted and thrown away several autos and cars.
  4.    Many people faces were disfigured permanenty by the nails of the creature and some have even died.
  5.    It had also kidnapped/abducted  people standing in their apartment balcony and they have not been found since

There are several more things, he told about this creature which I dont remember now since it was a long time ago.But finally, around 12 and midnight the auto driver dropped us near the Delhi border and we had to walk the remaining distance(just around 0.5 km) to our apartment, since he was scared and refused to go any further.It was very dark and there was not a single being not even dogs) on the street.We were really spooked and finally walking quickly,looking up several times for any sign of monkeyman and reached our home.It was a great relief for us.

  The next day, when the neighbours came to know that we reached house at midnight, they all reacted by saying that we shouldnt have alone at such time at night.Anyway we heard several theories regarding this creature from school children to retired old gentemen.Here are a few of them

  1.   Conspiracy by Pakistani terrorists.It is a robot controlled by Pakistan to instill fear among Indians.
  2.   It was some ancient creature like BigFoot, for which we dont have record in science which had escaped from forests and come into the city because of deforestation.
  3. A avataar of Hindu god Hanuman (monkey-god worshipped all over India)
  4.  A common theory-Incarnation of Devil/Satan himself which feeds on fear.
  5. A serial killer terrorizing people in monkey suit.

Anyway, due to these so called rumours lead to intense police patrolling for several days in our area in order to catch the Monkeyman.This mystery made headlines for several days in our news papers and finally as sudden as the rumour started, it also died away.Finally there were some scientific explanations given by the scientists or experts that it was something related to psychological phenomena or so.There were never any photos or videos of monkeyman captured.But inspite of all the fear and spookiness , it was a thrilling experience and I will remember till the end.I am sure, many residents of Delhi who used to stay in the eastern part of Delhi around 2001 would have heard or experienced similar kind of rumours.And finally see the bollywood movie Delhi 6 which exploits this monkey man creature in its theme.

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