Song Review: Michael Jackson's Childhood
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Song Review: Michael Jackson's Childhood

An article about Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson's song, Childhood, is one of my personal favorites. The pop star has stated that this song he feels most closely connected to, and that he felt that song on a very personal level. The words and the composition of the music was entirely composed by the King of Pop, himself. It appears that he wrote the song to give people the opportunity to look into his heart and complex life. Childhood seems to be like a window into his soul.

Michael Jackson had a very difficult life in some respects. He did have great commercial and artistic success in his life as a public figure, and world-class entertainer. On a personal level, he felt he was very misunderstood and rejected by a lot of the public that had once so greatly embraced him. This song seemed to be an attempt to make the muddy waters more clear around him. I think he was most comfortable expressing some of his truest feelings and thoughts through his own creations, his music. Childhood opened very private and painful wounds to the public, allowing outsiders to see into the most secluded parts of his soul.

I think it is very fair to say, that Michael Jackson's childhood was percieved by him as being very dark, and non-exsistent. So, to try and look at that part of yourself for the sake of writing and composing a song that was about that challenging time period must have been extremely difficult and taxing for him. In the song, at the end you can hear his voice crack probably from the emotional weight of everything that might have been going through his mind and heart while singing the song. Since he personally created the song and he seemed like he put some of his soul into creating the song, his emotions were readily available to him.

On a personal level, this is one of my favorite songs because it allows me as a listener to also think about deep rooted personal pain that maybe I have tried to forget, but the past can shape us in very powerful ways even when we think we have pushed past the pain or the hidden darkness that lies far away in the backs of our mind. Michael Jackson appeared to be a very private man by nature, and I think sharing this song with the entire world took a lot of strength and courage since he was not so easily open with the media.

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A relaxing and entertaining read.

I learned a lot from your well composed article. Promoted

Good Share....and voted up! Thanks

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