Little Known Facts About Famous People, Part 2
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Little Known Facts About Famous People, Part 2

A few pieces of lesser known Trivia about famous people, to stimulate your interest.

1. Caruso's parents pushed him to become an engineer as his teachers said he “had no voice at all and could not sing”.

Opera Singer

2. One of the most valuable autographs in the world is that of Julius Caesar. It estimated it could fetch 2 million dollars – if one ever turned up.

3. Although the “grand” and “petit mal” were little understood, it is believed that many important people suffered this affliction, including; Vincent Van Gogh, Handel, Julius Caesar, Socrates, Pascal Alexander the Great and Sir Isaac Newton.

4. Fidel Castro was voted “Cuba’s best schoolboy athlete” in 1944. He tried out for Washington Senators baseball team, but didn’t make it onto the team.

5. Difficult as it is to believe, it is said that Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis kept a collection of beer cans from all over the world.

6. It is believed that the first wristwatch was presented to Elizabeth I by the Earl of Leicester in 1572, but there is no proof to either confirm or deny this claim.

7. Getting lost in the Pentagon is easy as there are over 17 miles of corridors.

Aerial of the Pentagon

8. A hamburger stand takes the place of the house where Jefferson wrote Declaration of Independence.

9. John F. Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States, but after all that time, he was the first Roman Catholic president.

10. King Solomon had about 700 wives and 0ver 200 concubines.

11. Louis Pasteur was not a good student, and was in the bottom half of his class in chemistry.

12. Although technically a pipe smoker, Albert Einstein often smoked a cigarette or a cigar.


13. The Conservative party has only been called that since 1832. Before that they were “The Tory Party”. The origin of the Tories, was group of Irish Catholic outlaws and the name comes from the Irish for outlaw or bandit.

14. It is said that Joseph Stalin had webbed toes, but it was only his left foot and only a couple of toes.

15. Charles Dickens believed that by only sleeping facing North, this would improve his writing.

16. A list of famous stutters would apparently include; Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Winston Churchill, Claudius, Charles Darwin, King George VI, Moses, Marilyn Monroe, Kim Philby, Joseph Priestley, Virgil, George Washington.

17. Ice hockey started with people hitting a piece of frozen piece of cow manure with a stick.

18. Mary Queen of Scots was good at golf and was one of the first people to own a billiard table.

19. Einstein couldn’t swim, but he loved sailing and continued to sail throughout his life.

20. Dr. Joseph-Ignace Guillotin, who made the guillotine popular, (by mistake), and for whom it is named, did not invent it. He was against the death penalty. Antoine Louis invented the guillotine.

stock vector : Guillotine

Photo courtesy of: Shutterstock

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Comments (4)

Informative article. Learnt alot.

I'd be very curious where you discovered these "facts."

interesting facts about famous people. I like the Einstein bits most cause he's my idol.

Yes, interesting facts. Voted up. Thanks, Jill