Julie Marie Berman: General Hospital
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Julie Marie Berman: General Hospital

An article that features biological info about Julie Marie Berman. She plays Lulu Spencer on General Hospital.

Julie Marie Berman is an Emmy Award winning actress who plays Leslie "Lulu" Spencer on the daytime soap opera, General Hospital. Before she became a soap star, she landed roles on shows like, 7th Heaven, and Once and Again.

She has played the character on the show since October 2005. She plays the role of Luke and Laura's daughter. In the soap world, writers sometimes like child characters to quickly become more adult. So, you can be a baby, or 5-6 one day, and then boom the next episode, you are seventeen years old. This is what happened to the character of Lulu. So, Julie is the only actress who played the character as an adult. When she landed the role, she had no clear idea of who Luke and Laura were. Her agent, who is a super fan of Luke and Laura, quickly filled the soap opera novice in, on their cultural importance.

Julie Marie also realizes the importance of education. She has a degree in film and television.

Julie's first episode to tap on the set was Lucky, who is her brother on the show, and Elizabeth's wedding. Lucky has been recasted twice in the time that Julie has played Lulu. Her brother since 2009, has been played Jonathan Jackson. Previously her on-screen brother was played by Greg Vaughn. Julie's other on-screen brother, Nicolas, is played by Tyler Christopher. The actress has stated that he is the once actor on the show, that she wishes she had more scenes with. She also enjoys having scenes with her TV dad, Tony Geary.

On screen, she has dated characters as different as night and day. She has dated a mobster, and now Lulu is currently dating a cop. In 2008, Julie Berman married her long-time boyfriend. Several GH cast members attended the wedding, and even one on co-star, Kirsten Storms, was a bridesmaid in her wedding.

She has won Emmy's in the younger actress category, if wins another one, it will now be in the adult category. She is a very talented dramatic actress, and can cry easily on cue.

Lulu and Julie are growing together. No knows the future of soap operas right now, but one thing is sure. Julie Marie Berman will have a bright future no matter what she chooses to do. She currently also has a guest role on a future Nickelodeon show.

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