Future American Dream
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Future American Dream

The US is generally headed for a reduced standards of living

America has always been a magnet for new immigrants but a recent survey shows a pessimistic view of what can be in the US as millions expect a lowering of their current standard of living. It sounds as though the quality of life will drop and one author likened that to the coming of a "third world status" where large corporations have benefited at the cost of the consumer and middle class. Obviously the number of poor has risen since the "recession " has begun and businesses have failed and there is less employment in certain key sectors across the nation.

Third world Americans running around, wanting to get into Canada for its resources, spending millions after millions in lost wars and shirking responsibility for their debts…this will be America for the next generation. People have been shafted by their double standards, America wants to show off a maintained status quo as the economic foundation is being shaken and the empowered people can no longer ignore their lack of funds with money being printed on no basis. There is a lot of animosity toward the leadership, as there seems to be no end in sight for this depression which has benefited a few.

One does not have to depend only on the government for an economic recovery. After the government is made up of people like all of us. With resilience one can get out their depression and act. To get out of the spiral of not having a job, one can look at a way to put your skills to a test. One man from Portland managed to create a site that brings together unemployed people to help one another by offering a service to someone in need. The unemployed person begins to feel better about themselves instead of thinking of himself as a loser.

However with so many children graduating without the opportunity to get a job maybe there may yet be a boil over. There is a troubling issue of so many kids that cannot have employment after years of education.

Hate towards the current leadership is not necessarily race related. Posing with an ice-cream cone in the southern states is not something that can clean up the contaminated beaches we no longer hear about. The continued spill that has has also plagued gulf sstates is also miraculously out of the news!.There is an inherited animosity that threw the last American leader out of office. He was given a tremendous inheritance of debt and knew that he would stay on where Bush was, although he came across as wanting to get out of southern Asia. That is part of the double standard that younger Americans are frustrated they have had to live with. Obama’s is having to do a juggling act with the Republicans in order to get the American economy to recover by raising the debt ceiling and this too is something that Americans don’t want to be strapped with. If they cannot recover, being a third world power with a disseminated middle class is what is in store. In fact millions think that their children are going to have a life worse than parents had. The American dream will then be rewritten.

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Yeah, there should be more country like US and Canada.