Food in Quotes
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Food in Quotes

Quoted on eating habits have been read and deciphered for what they meant then and what they would mean today.

The simplest meal should be appreciated above the complicated one where there is a tendency to overeat, indulge and get an upset stomach, and even drink to excess. This is what Savorin respected because he included these words his gastronomic work that was translated from the French many years after the French Revolution during a period where he was noted for his speech on capital punishment. He was quoted to have said something regarding knowing the person based on what he ate. Perhaps he referred to knowing aggressive people based on the portions of meat they ate and docile ones based on the lack of meat in their diet? This said because meat eating has long been considered a carnivorous trait being referenced to man as the hunter rather than gatherer.

George Bush thought that his position was supreme over the quality of food he ate when he referred to his position of being President if the United States as being reason enough not to eat any more broccoli! Probably the wife or mother undermined that position enough to have put it on his dinner plate. Too bad for him as this is an excellent source for vitamin C as a green vegetable and has been referenced as containing anti-carcinogenic properties along with cauliflower.

Sophia grew up in a poor home much as this author learned to get through his lean years as a medical student in Italy. His meals and hers were largely spaghetti based. She is quoted as saying everything you see is due to this staple and Italian women have been known for their physical beauty over the years. It seems trite to base the beauty on this meager diet but it communicates a sense of humbleness that this actress did not let fame get to her head and also carried a good sense of wit and character with her.

Henry Miller had another angle on food when he referred to traveling thousands of miles in the US without coming across a good piece of bread. it looks like he was referring to lack of naturally baked breads that have crisp crusts and have a food quality usually superior from the bleached wheat containing breads with the soft crust. Now many American have probably gone through periods of having just that in our lunch boxes, if not the majority so finding the nice old European variety that you would bring to a Polish pub as a sign of friendship was not something he would find commonly in the US. He could also have been referring to their sense of not having a proper diet for all intents and purposes.

Moliere, the French playwright, was pragmatic in his quote about the purpose of man to eat instead of eating to live. Too many live for the sake of the hearing the dinner bell then they overindulge as Monty Python out out so graphically one of their movie skits, where a man in high society ate until her literally blew up at the table!What a pity overindulgence still occurs when so many go to bed unfed.

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