Area 51- The Facts and Myths
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Area 51- The Facts and Myths

What is area 51 Are the stories about area 51 true

Area 51 can conjure a variety of images of what is really going on. The are hundreds of thousands of websites that focus on the mythology of area 51, but very few that I have found that focus on the facts. In this article we will examine a few myths, as well as a few facts regarding this mysterious. and controversial facility. What ever the case may be, we may never truly know what in occurring within those most guarded of secret places.

Area 51 is an area within the Tonapah test range of Nellis air Force Base. The base is broken into multiple areas including the infamous area 51, that tests new weapons systems. So what is area 51. It is a top secret test facility located about 70 miles north of Las Vegas Nevada. Sitting in a bowl of surrounding mountains, it provides a fantastic security screen from prying eyes. Security measures set up in and around the base are mind boggling to say the least. Security will know somebody is coming a long way off, there are motion sensors several miles out from the facility, heat detectors, pressure sensors, videos cameras, scent detectors, aircraft, and ground patrols. Even if one did manage to get past all of the sensors and evade the aircraft, this is a bad idea to try and cross the borders. Security there has the authority as issued by the U.S. Govt, to shoot and kill any unauthorized intruders.

Area 51 was founded in the early 50's by the Lockheed Skunk Works on the dry lake bed. This location was chosen primarily for its isolation and the remote nature of the dry lake bed. This site was chosen because it was the only area large enough for Lockheed to test its new U-2 spy plane. After this run of successful tests, it was deemed by the Air Force, the only logical place to test future aircraft. Thus, after petitioning congress and receiving approval. Everything associated with the base and facility went black. This is a term used to describe operations and tests that are so covert and under wraps, that most members of the congress are unaware of what is occurring.

So what are the facts and myths regarding area 51?. This will be laid out in such a way as to there will be a topic, then the myth, then the known facts. Much is still a matter of personal beliefs and no matter what facts are presented, there will be some that disregard the facts, or twist it to fit their own beliefs. So lets get started.

                                                                SECRET AIRCRAFT

FACTS- Area 51 does indeed have many secret aircraft. As it is a top secret testing facility, all sorts of aircraft designs with experimental configuration and maneuverability will be tested there. Many of these aircraft such as the AURORA, is a hypersonic aircraft designed to exceed mach 10, that is to say 10 times faster than the speed of sound. It utilizes a pulse jet engine similar to the SCRAM jet experiments in the 70's. Although no photos are known to exist, there are radar tracks of an aircraft exiting the vicinity of area 51 on a track almost due east, with speeds well in excess of 7600 mph. That is about mach 10. These radar tracks show the " pulse " like contrail, similar to as one person put it " doughnuts on a rope ". At this speed the aircraft made it from the area 51  region to the eastern seaboard in less than 45 minutes. It is possible though, that this craft was also an experimental rocket system. At this point it is pure conjecture as to what exactly this craft was.

MYTH- These hypersonic aircraft are alien space ships, and our pilots are learning to fly them. We obtained these craft from the space aliens in exchange for allowing them to abduct out citizens. Although, it is likely there are life forms out there, it really is not feasible for them to be here. If these craft are alien ships, then humans would not be able to fly them, fit into them, or operate them. This is based off of the supposition that these craft are operated by biometric suits that the little gray guys wear, these suits somehow take there bio electric signals, convert it into energy, thus power for the craft. These suits are also somehow able to take the grays brain signals, and convert it into navigation systems. Okay, this is well and good, but since human chemistry is different from the aliens, there is no way these suits could read our minds and operate the craft. If it is true, then there is some ocean front property in Kansas for sale.

                                                                UNDERGROUND BASE

FACT- There is no doubt that there are underground hangers and facilities. Satellite photos show these entrances. There are several large openings spread throughout the test range. It is in these underground areas that the experimental craft are likely housed. This way they are out of sight of the spy satellites, and other prying eyes. since there was also an underground nuclear test range a few miles southwest of area 51, then it stands to reason that these underground areas were used to shelter the personnel at the base, as well as shield the aircraft from the flash and shock waves.

MYTH- These underground bases span the entire sub terrain basin with in the mountain perimeter. These bases were made to house the 50 + alien species from other worlds and their respective space ships. If the entire basin was hollowed out, where is all of the dirt and rock. The amount of space alleged to have been excavated, would total the land area of the state of Rhode Island. This amount of dirt and rock would have filled the basin and then some. So the entire base would be buried. To ship it out, it would take hundreds of multi ton dump trucks make several trips a day each, for several years. you would think that this would have been noticed. Even a redneck would notice something on this massive of a scale. Satellites would have seen this sort of massive operation. Then there would be the man power and equipment required to maintain this, the logistics alone would bankrupt the United States.

Understand that there are many, many more myths about area 51 that could be discussed forever almost, but due to space constraints, it was decided to focus on the most popular. So whenever you hear of such grandiose tales, think, and consider the tale logically. Chances are you will have a great chuckle of the tales. At least until the men in black show up to have a chat with you.

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